Book Review: Zen in the Art of Writing

Author: Ray Bradbury

Bantam Nonfiction, 1992

158 pages / nonfiction

This might not be your typical book review because I’m going to slide past all the formalities and say, I LOVE THIS BOOK. There. I feel better. While I understand that Ray Bradbury will most likely far surpass any writing skills I ever hope to possess, he has given me hope plucked from his mind, the queer mind of a fellow writer, artist, time traveler, seeker of truth.

How’s this little polished gem? “The children guessed, if they didn’t whisper it, that all science fiction [all fiction?] is an attempt to solve problems by pretending to look the other way.” He goes on to say, “Indirection is everything. Metaphor is medicine.” Okay, maybe you need a little more context for those quotes, but isn’t he saying that parables heal, poetry digs deep, and story feeds when everything else starves and fails to find the answers? Writers, isn’t this why we write? And if we write for any other reason, can we sustain the effort? 

I haven’t finished the book. I’m borrowing this book from a friend, but for as low as $1.14 at Amazon, I might have to buy, keep and frame. Before that, there will be more blogging to be done about my borrowed and yellowed, dog-eared 1992 edition!

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