Book Review: Time to Write

Author: Kelly L. Stone

Adams Media, 2008

245 pages / Non-fiction

As a writer, I often feel tinges of guilt when I’m reading instead of writing. (I like creating more than consuming.) This is especially evident when I’m reading books about writing. I should be writing, I scold myself. Yet, when embarking on any writing journey, for writers, reading is fuel—particularly books that help writers become better writers. For me, Kelly L. Stone’s Time to Write has been that fuel.

Reading this book about writing helps to destroy common myths that most writers believe to their detriment. The biggest myth Stone points out is the secret to becoming a successful writer is that there is no secret to writing.

One great benefit of this book is reading the interviews with 104 successful writers. You hear their experiences, their successes, their failures and their techniques for success. You find that the common denominator among all these writers is they write. The book cover makes it clear: “No excuses. No distractions. No more blank pages.”

Since I’ve already established that I love this book, I’m approaching this review from a different angle: Briefly summarize and highlight key elements of a chapter each week (or whenever I get around to it). There’s such great, inspirational material here for writers, I can’t help but share it. If you think I’ll leave little of the book’s secrets for you, don’t worry, there are plenty surprises I won’t have time to share. Besides, there are no secrets. Remember?

Chapter One: No Matter How Busy You Are, You Can Find Time to Write

The chapter’s title sums it up well. Successful writers write. Period. No secrets to success. No special connections with agents, publishers or other writers. They write even when they think they don’t have time. Most of the 100+ writers interviewed for the book did not write full time—they had jobs like you and me—before they became successful. Not a single writer interviewed got a “lucky break.” Write. Write. Write.   

Reviewed by Electric Eclectic (David Stucki)

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  1. Johnny Lamb says:

    Way to be Diligent man!

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