1000 Words a Day?

I need to step up my writing game. This is Olympic-style writing, people.

For the last six months, I’ve averaged about 250 words per day and ended up with over 50,000 words for current story. For the most part, that’s the result of 2000- or 3000-word bursts at a sitting with average daily production coming in weak (i.e., where I write nothing). Even so, I’m happy with 50k words. But I could be happier…

Ways to achieve 1000 words/day:

  • Grab 15 minutes before work leaving for work while eating breakfast
  • Take your notebook everywhere–even the bathroom!
  • Write one hour per night no matter what!
  • Use Dropbox on every computer you own to encourage varying writing environments
  • Take advantage of audio recorder in the car or walking
  • Try 15-minute writing bursts
  • Write without thinking; no self editing!
  • Try different methods such as notepaper, texting, email, journal, back of napkins—in other words, write anywhere and on anything you can
  • Write backstory, character summaries, brainstorm missing scenes or chapters instead of writing out your story—especially if you’re running into writer’s block
  • Use an outline and make sure it’s ready when you’re ready to write–even if you’re a pantser
  • Print out portions of your story and make notes on how to improve, such as additional dialogue; this will help you to get energized to write again
  • Start a blog like this to get new ideas

Other ideas/tips for upping your productivity?

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2 thoughts on “1000 Words a Day?

  1. Rebecca says:

    I always get my best ideas when I’m walking dogs. Try taking your recorder with you or, if you have a smartphone, download a free recording app. Very handy!

  2. eclecticpills says:

    Thanks for the comment, Becca! The only downside to a recorder is transferring the info later (I suppose that’s the same with a notebook, however). When I get a smartphone, I’ll get that app for sure! I’d also like a better phone so I can text my story when I have nothing else.

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