Writer’s Block Does Not Exist


Some of you may disagree with this, but I don’t believe in the feared curse called “writer’s block.”

Don’t get me wrong: There are obstacles to our writing progress, but let’s be more specific in order to properly diagnose what ails us…and our writing.

The traditional idea of Writer’s Block being some mystical curse to blame for a writer’s lack of progress is silly. Anytime we sit down at a computer (a typewriter, a pen and paper) and nothing comes out of our fingertips then it’s likely we’ve come unprepared in one way or another. Either it’s our lack of planning and organization within the subject itself or it’s a lack of emotional preparation.  I’ve seen this with my own writing so many times. Sitting down to write unprepared can lead to disaster and delays, especially when it comes to the emotional influences of writing.

In my own writing experience, it’s typically the following that hinder writing:

  • Writer’s Lack of Self-Discipline
  • Writer’s Low Self-Esteem
  • Writer’s Doubts 
  • Writer’s Laziness
  • Writer’s Selfish Ambition 
  • Writer’s Wrong Motivations
  • Writer’s Lack of Courage
  • Writer’s Low Risk Tolerance
  • Writer’s Lack of Focus
  • Writer’s Failure to Plan

Have you experienced any or all of the following scenarios?

“What kind of crap am I writing? No one will read this!”

“Ugh. I’m so unorganized; I don’t know how to write a paragraph, let alone a novel. What do I do next?”

“I need to perfect every word, every sentence…now!”

“If I write this, will anyone read it?”

“Okay, I’m sitting down to write. Where do I start?”

“I’ll write tomorrow.”

“I want this to be a bestseller, but I’m not good enough for that kind of success.”

“I don’t want to write an outline. That’s boring.”

“I think I’ll do some research tonight [instead of writing].”

Sound familiar?

How do you overcome this giant we call Writers’ Block?

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15 thoughts on “Writer’s Block Does Not Exist

  1. wisejourney says:

    Not hey worked out how to overcome it !

    • eclecticpills says:

      Still struggling? My biggest issue is that I find every excuse not to sit down at the computer in the first place. (Because I don’t like the rewriting process that I’m doing at the moment!)

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    • I find sometimes I’m in the mood to write while other days it’s not that easy to sit down and start. I’m there now. I have a second book but know that when I start I keep going for hours. I need to find the time when I have that many hours free:)

      • eclecticpills says:

        You’re right. Having those extended hours to write helps, but don’t let that get in the way of making progress, albeit small. I wrote most of my current rough draft in six months by just writing 250 words/day (and a few 1000+ days here and there). Just do it!

  3. susanpolp says:

    I agree to an extent, I do believe that most people say they have ‘writers block’ where they should just be admitting they don’t have the passion. For me I now think writer’s block is all about focusing on the book you want to have at the end and forgetting that writing is supposed to be fun! My first book is going to be available very soon (possibly as early as next month!) but it took me years to get this far as i was constantly sitting at my computer thinking ‘it’s time to write a book’ and instantly feeling overwhelmed, finally i sat down and thought ‘oh to h*ll with it, it doesn’t matter about the book anymore i just want to tell my story!’ before I knew it the writing was flowing. It was hard work don’t get me wrong, with three children and the youngest being disabled it was a constant battle to find writing time. But i managed it somehow, when the passion for writing and enjoyment of story telling came back to me. I suppose what i am saying is that writers block really is a trick of the mind, when you think you can’t do something or something doesn’t sound right and instantly decide its better to give in than fail later. I would rather fail later than never try 🙂 (P.S. I’m sorry it took me so long to find you’r blog, this really is new to me ha ha)

    • Hi, Susan! Yeah, I didn’t think everyone would agree with me. 🙂 I’m currently struggling with re-writing my first draft and it’s painful. And this is an emotional struggle, much of which I find myself saying some of the tired lines I mention above. I should know better, right? One thing I find encouraging is that even the most successful authors continue to struggle with “writer’s block.” Probably because writing is so emotional, so personal. And now, writing involves so much else to bring about anxiety: social media management, finding editors and cover designers and other entrepreneurial duties. Dang! Enough to stress anyone out. You’re right. The best thing you can do is sit down and write! When we think too much, we get paralyzed. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

      • susanpolp says:

        So what your saying is you may be suffering from writers block? *chuckles* I think the hardest thing about writing opinions is the constant worry of offending people who view things differently. It’s not that I don’t agree with what you have said as yes i definatly found myself saying all of those above quotes more so ‘i think i will do some research tonight’, just MY take on writer’s block is simply that it does exist but it’s also something we can overcome should we choose to. It is to easy to throw in the towel, but then we wouldn’t get anywhere in life! Just remember the main thing you want to say and let the rest flow. Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Ha! You’re probably right! But there’s no such thing as writer’s block! 🙂 I agree with you so no offense. My post is slightly tongue-in-cheek anyway. No worries. However, my point is that it’s probably NOT a lack of material, but some other obstacle that possibly has nothing to do with writing! And you’re right: we can’t give up so easily; we need to push through it to get to the goal we had in mind in the first place. Thanks for the thoughts, opinions, and encouragement. Let’s keep exchanging ideas. Thanks!

  5. susanpolp says:

    No offense taken I understand and appreciate everyone’s opinions. If they were all the same then our job’s as writers would be even more difficult! my point is I think we focus to much on the book we want at the end and forget about the story we want to tell. I guess we are both right, you say it doesn’t exist and I say it is just a trick of the mind. meaning you’r right, it really only exists in our mind and most definatly not physical. And what a great way to think of it, I mean you can’t touch writer’s block, you can’t diagnose writer’s block, you can’t give it away or wrap it up. So… why do we let it get in our way? think of it as a wall made from stacked paper cups. You could walk towards the wall, see something standing in you’r way and turn back around OR you could try to touch it, explore it even and in doing so knock the entire wall out of the way. Hence the wall ( or writers block) is only in our way if we A- find a wall and B- do nothing about it.

    So sorry, I went on a little random rant then, I guess I should get my notebook out while it’s flowing lol 🙂

    I like exchanging ideas, I don’t feel like I’m offending you or you are offending me. Thank you for indulging me ha ha

    • Great response! Keep rambling! I love it. You’re right. It’s an imaginary wall that most of the time can be knocked down like a stack of red Solo cups! Ha ha!

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  7. vern says:

    I have just started writing. When i don’t “feel” like finishing my main book I turn to write articles IE the feelings, obstacles, mood that are hindering my progress. Out of this “writer’s block” period. I have begun writing on habits in general and the habits that I face.. I have a writer friend that refuses to talk to me on that topic. It may appear that I am not focused but i am still writing and that is good. I think we need to be flexible( a good habit). perhaps I might write about habits. Anyway LOL..

    • Thanks for the comment, Vern! I want to encourage you in your new found writing habits! That is so good that you are writing something when you have writer’s block related to your book. That is a healthy thing to do in that situation. It keeps you writing and I believe that any form of writing is good writing. Yes, like you said, being flexible is important. Hmmm…I wonder why your writer friend won’t talk to you about this subject. Perhaps he/she needs an intervention. LOL!

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