The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing: #5 – Greed

7 Deadly Sins of Writing-Sin5

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4 thoughts on “The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing: #5 – Greed

  1. I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!! Is that enough exclamation points. 🙂 If you truly love what you do then you will never work another day in your life and the money may follow. If it doesn’t who cares. You are doing what you love.

  2. Get greedy with those exclamation points, Susan! I agree with you too. I always have the most fun writing when I have fun writing (i.e., writing for the motivation of just telling a story or crafting an interesting string of words together or seeing a character come to life is the most interesting part of writing…not the worry about money). Have fun and if it’s good enough then just maybe the money will follow. Hugh Howey is a great example of this.

  3. Marcus Monkeyman says:

    If they don’t get paid, the best storytellers can’t afford to spend their time creating stories. Maybe they’ll drive a truck or be accountants, where they can still get paid for doing their job skillfully, but without the strange expectation that it’s only honorable if they’re doing it out of pure love of the craft.

    • Agreed. My main point is that if storytellers do it from a motivation of making money, they won’t be their best. First they should tell stories because they love to tell stories. The money will always (most of the time) follow. Think of some the best storytellers of our time: George Lucas, JRR Tolkien. They did it for the love of storytelling but now they have dynasties! Thanks for the comment!

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