Have Fun and Be Creative…or Else!


Writing can end up being a drag for me; a major drag when I keep my eyes off the prize. And it’s been happening a lot lately. That’s one reason I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks, to be honest. What’s the prize, you may ask? It’s the fun of being creative. The pleasure of shaping a story. That’s where I get my joy, Joseph.

How did that happen? How did you lose the fun of creativity, you also may ask? Hard to say, but, as I’ve pondered the question of motivations lately (e.g., The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing), I’ve come to a realization that there are a multitude of distractions to keep us from the creative process…and from having just some plain ol’ doll garn fun (or is it goll darn?).

How about a numbered list to keep things fun? Nobody has more fun than when reading off numbered lists! Right? I believe these are the best steps to keep from being distracted from the main goal of creativity.

1. Keep it simple. And to make my point, I’ll complicate things a bit with this Fast Company article I really enjoyed about 3 Paths Toward a More Creative Life. It comes down to three simple things (a numbered list within a numbered list–yes!): 1) Disconnecting from all the technology and getting your mind back, 2) diving into the past of other great artists/creators, and 3) mastering both knowledge and skill of your particular creative path. (Read the article–it’s so much better than what I described!)

2. Get creative to get creative. What? I mean create some dumb fun to get the creative juices flowing. (What are creative juices, anyway? Ewww.) Here’s a good example: Dad Builds Incredible Spaceship Simulator For His Son. This reminds me of the joy my brother and I had building “spaceships” from my father’s scrap wood leftover while building our cottage. I was eight years old at the time, so, of course, to me they weren’t spaceships with “quotes” around them, they were very real and…fun. Now, this dad got into some serious stuff that my brother and I couldn’t have hoped to compete against, but we improvised dials and buttons with old nails and the like. Good, clean, unadulterated, American-made fun, citizens. These are fun too: Fascinating Business Cards Of The World’s Most Famous People. Amazing how creative you can be when the first order of business is fun.

3. Just do it. For as annoying Nike marketing can be, they’re right. The article 9 Illuminating Lessons on Creativity happens to mention that point first. Creativity IS hard work. But you know what? It’s so worth it in the end. When you’ve put in the hard work, it feels good, doesn’t it? Like exercise, like yard work, like eating cake. Maybe not the last one.

Anyway, just some thoughts to ponder and some articles for your reading pleasure. Remember what probably got you started in the first place: Fun and a passion to create.

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4 thoughts on “Have Fun and Be Creative…or Else!

  1. Hi David. I’m just curious if you know the answer to this. We both follow each other. When I first sign on to my wordpress acct your posts show up there. Of course I’m sure that’s because I follow you. But when I go to your wordpress, none of my posts are there even though you also follow me. But yet if I click on my blog from the 1st page your stuff does not show up on mine. Weird huh? Still learning to use wordpress. Just wondering if you knew why it did this. I like your posts by the way. 🙂

    • Hey, Aw! Hmmmm…interesting. Hard to say for sure without looking at what you’re seeing, but I make a few guesses. Is it possible you’re logging into your WordPress page not your blog? In other words, there’s a page with the blue bar across the top that’s labeled, Reader – Stats – My Blog – Freshly Pressed ??? If so, you’re probably seeing my blog posts there if you’re in the Reader tab. Make sense? Otherwise, I’m not sure. You could ask WordPress. I’m sure someone could help you with your question. Thanks for reading my blog!

  2. Jeri Walker-Bickett (@JeriWB) says:

    Thanks for the links. Too often I make writing such a chore, but on some days, I get that glimmer of how it can be so intoxicating, and that always seems to keep me going.

    • I know exactly what you mean, Jeri. I feel that way especially during this rewrite process I’m undergoing. I’m such a rough-draft kind of guy. 🙂 There was so much excitement in that initial flourish of new ideas. Intoxicating is the perfect way to describe it. Thanks for stopping by…

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