About David Stewart Warner’s blog

DSC_0106-10-croppedAngst and Romance.

Our lives seem controlled by the emotions of anger and love. We are maddened by what we can’t love, and we love what makes us angry. Our solutions often are the same medicine used over and over without effect, without remedy. The medicine we use are the little pills of our making – our eclectic pills.

I’m a writer (since I haven’t published yet, I’m not an author) and love to express this tension of angst and romance in story, although I am not a romance writer.

And oh, occasionally, I’ll add random posts, along with book and movie reviews…


P.S. David Stewart Warner is a pseudonym. I live in Minnesota.


6 thoughts on “About David Stewart Warner’s blog

  1. Rebecca says:

    Ha! I wondered who had taken over your blog! Why the pseudonym?

    • eclecticpills says:

      I wanted something that sounded a little more novelist like. It also has meaning.

  2. Thanks for the follow, which brought me to your blog. I look forward to visiting often.

  3. I followed back. Clean site. I like it very much.

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