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What Genre? Write What You Love

After I read The Hunger Games (yes, I admit it), I said to myself, “Why didn’t I write something like that? It has so many of the things you love (besides death).”

Seriously, I grew up on a steady diet of post-apocalyptic, dystopian stories, such as The Omega Man, Rollerball, Logan’s Run, The Planet of the Apes series, and many more.

As a kid, I grew up on a farm where I could wander in over 35 acres of woodlands. From that experience, I had fun learning how to “live off the land” by hunting edible plants and used the resources nature provided to build things like a log cabin (never finished it) and other helpful tools. I loved it and I had always wondered how I’d use those experiences in my writing. Whether I like it or not, The Hunger Games gave me that inspiration to begin writing my current novel that is a YA, post-apocalyptic, dystopian story.

You’ve heard it said, “Write what you know,” but I might suggest writing what you love. I am.

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Movie Review: Julie & Julia

Let’s admit something immediately: Julie and Julia looks like a chick flick. And it is, really. Written and directed by Nora Ephron, it has to be one, no doubting your senses or the credits. Even so, Mr. Eclectic liked it.

 Okay, maybe that’s an easy one for me since I grew up with a mother who happened to be a Child-ophile (nothing to do with pedophilia, I might strongly add), owned just about every Julia Child cookbook published, and watched Child’s cooking show religiously. My formative years included watching Julia for what seemed like every day on our local PBS station. (Somehow, I found Julia Child’s unique timbre oddly engaging—more so than Mr. Rogers, that’s for sure.)

If this movie does anything for you, it should at least get you to write in a blog…or cook. Or maybe not. Unless you no longer have a pulse that others can detect, it should inspire you to pursue once again that deep passion hidden within you. Sounds sappy, I know. But, crap, if a silly movie can help me write, dang gum it, I’ll gladly watch it. There’s a remote chance a Child-induced passion for cooking may take over my current child-induced apathy for cooking, but I still have my doubts. Gorton’s fishsticks are easier—and more appreciated—in my household than beef bourguignon.

Did I say I liked this movie? While it’s another Nora Ephron all-we-women-have-this-special-bond-with-each-other-that-men-just-don’t-get film and a film about cooking, it thankfully (and fairly) takes us beyond that to treat us to how the passion of two people can positively affect so many others. Many times passion–and the ambition that goes along with it–can really make things suck, but if you stick with that passion long enough, things might just fall into place because you’ve been able to bring others along with you in that passion. For Julie and Julia–the title characters–it was their passion for cooking and writing (specifically, sharing their passion through writing) that brought success. Was success their goal? I don’t think so. It was their need to do SOMETHING with the fire that burned within them. That fire was the passion for cooking.

Speaking of passion: You’ve got to love butter!

Electric Eclectic

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