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Your Brain on Books: Keep Reading, Keep Writing

Personal Blogger Admission: I hated reading at one time. Yeah, I know.

My mother worked at a bookstore. My older sisters worked at the same bookstore. (You’d think that would have been a positive advantage, right?) For Christmas, my mother gave me books instead of toys. Any small, thin gift was suspect. It didn’t matter what she did: I didn’t like to read. I didn’t even like to read comic books. Yeah, I know.

And, then a time came when people hated me. An extreme statement, but in the new town to which we moved, there were few friends for a 12-year old. I retreated into books, and I fell in love with them. Fell in love with the words, the sounds…the feel. It was my first drug, my first love. (Well, besides a little unrequited six-grade love the year before.)

My wife was once asked if I had any vices. Her reply: reading.

Now I find that science backs up my love for reading: Your Brain on Books

Read on.

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The 2000’s: Did They Really Happen?

Today’s the 12th of January and I just realized something: We finished the first decade of the 21st Century and most of us didn’t even take notice. Did you? Admit it. The oo’s were so bland and so un-wow. Look at the other decades we’ve experienced more recently for just a sec. The 60’s changed things politically, artistically, sexually, spiritually. The 70’s changed colors. The 80’s…the 80’s gave us the Brat Pack. The 90’s…do you see a pattern here? It’s getting bad. Time for some decent change again; the campaign managers for our most recent presidential candidates were on to something (just not the same old change they really meant). I smell revival in the air. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Dear God, we need it.

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